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As with other Aboriginal Communities Tjuntjuntjara has a high prevalence of chronic diseases amongst the adult population. Some of the health issues include heart disease, renal disease, chronic lung disease, STI’s, dental issues. There is also a significant number of elderly people in Tjuntjuntjara who also have chronic health issues.  To manage with the chronic diseases Spinifex Health has a chronic disease program.

As well as the visiting health professionals our Nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers also run a number of health programs include annual health checks, medication management, healthy lifestyle promotion and education, men’s and woman’s health programs and support the Aboriginal Health worker’s in their education and clinical role. We also have a number of medical specialists and allied health staff who visit Tjuntjuntjara regularly. These include renal specialist, cardiologist, pediatrician, ENT surgeon, dentist, respiratory specialist, psychologist, podiatrist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist

The aim of the programs include:


  • To improve the health of the community members in Tjuntjuntjara

  • Support the health worker to become the primary providers of primary health care

  • Provide health care which is culturally appropriate. Utilising the knowledge and skills of the Aboriginal Health workers to ensure this is being done

  • Acknowledging the role of the traditional healers in the management of the community members health

  • Support and encourage the community to actively partake in the management of their health issues




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