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Good health and well-being are essential for all children. Spinifex health service supports families in all aspects of infant and child growth and development by employing a dedicated Child Health Nurse and by running a child health program. The partnership between the Spinifex health service and families is paramount to successful child growth and development. By acknowledging that the family (parents, carers, grandparents, aunties, elders) is the most important and influential element in a child’s life and using a strengths based approach to effect change in behaviour and health outcomes. Child health checks deliver a comprehensive approach to families to ensure that health issues are identified and addressed early in order to maximise positive outcomes for the infant/child. 

Our Service Child Health Team  provide services in different settings; at home, in the clinic,
at school and in the Family Centre where care is accessible and culturally
The flexibility in service delivery allows staff to deliver care tailored to
individual and community needs. Our  aim is  to improve health outcomes for children by

providing effective early support at critical periods in a child’s life to minimise the harmful

effects of disadvantage and increase the likelihood of children achieving their social,
educational and personal aspirations.


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