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Our purpose is to provide culturally appropriate comprehensive primary health care, focusing on chronic disease management, child and maternal health, disability, aged care and social and emotional wellbeing.


We aim to:
  • Improve the patient’s journey and access to health care services, to help close the gap in life expectancy for Spinifex People

  • Develop and deliver a high quality evidenced-based comprehensive primary care service, that addresses current and future health needs of the community

  • Advocate for and support the health and community development aspirations of the community, by working holistically with all stakeholders to address the social and environmental determinants of health

  • Develop a social and emotional wellbeing program which focuses on youth and improving access to mental health services

  • Address early childhood development and maternal health needs in the community

  • Improve access to disability and aged care services and facilities

  • Build our workforce capacity to achieve excellence in remote service delivery

  • Achieve best practice in community, corporate and clinical governance

  • Plan and improve health infrastructure to meet the health needs of the Spinifex People


As a member of the Kakarrara Wilurarra Health Alliance, Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia and the Goldfields Region Aboriginal Health Planning Forum, the Tjuntjuntjara community is benefiting from improved regional engagement and service provision partnerships.

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